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Hex Drive Bushings
Challis Hex Drive Bushings solve the age-old challenge of bushing installation and removal. Precise, easy-to-use and reusable... intuitively superior. Learn more
Custom 1911 Grips
Handcrafted with fierce attention to detail. Clean lines, crisp corners, definitive facets and a nearly flawless finish are recognizable hallmarks of the Challis touch. Learn more
Customer Testimonials
"Challis bushings are the best design available. No special tools needed for these; install and remove with a 7/32 nut driver or socket."
- 1911forum
"My bushing extraction tool arrived today. It worked better than expected and removed all 4 staked bushings from my new Colt. Can't say enough about the ingenious design of this tool."
- N. Clem
"Absolutely the most amazing set of grips I've ever seen in my life, kudos for your talent and your impeccable business ethics."
- D. MacMurray