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  • Best for guns with a flared magwell. Non-magwell version coming soon
  • Two pounds of stainless steel with a fine hardwood mag plug to keep the pistol firmly in place
  • Saves room in gun safe
  • Compatible with all makes and models of 1911s
  • Featuring the innovation and excellence upon which Challis has built its reputation
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    Display your 1911 literally on the Constitutional rights set forth in the 2nd Amendment. 

    This elegant pedestal embodies a durability and weight worthy of the words it proudly bears; words that rise in bold relief from a base whose classic lines harken to a time when freedom was new and every man understood its cost. 

    Encircling a mounted 1911, the final phrase of the 2nd Amendment shines with untarnished luster against a black stainless steel base.  Unstated is the self evident truth that with great right comes great responsibility.