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    For use with grips that are between 0.156" and 0.190" thick. These extra slim bushings use the same O-ring for both the bushing and the grip screw. Eight O-rings are included in the package.

    These bushings are easy to install and remove. Loctite is not necessary for installation if they are torqued to the proper spec (27 in-lbs max for steel frames & 18 in-lbs max for aluminum).

    Contact us if you need grip screws for these bushings.

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    Colt Defender

    Great quality, I have this on my Colt 45 Government model. Unfortunately, it does not fit on the Defender, for which I bought it for. The bushings are too long and there is a gap between the grips and the frame. Definitely recommend for all othe 1911s

    Superior alternative to conventional bushing design

    The hex drive design of these bushings are a far superior design to conventional bushings. This is especially true when it comes to extra slim bushings when installed using the Wiha bushing driver https://challisgrips.americommerce.com/p/47-7/32-Bushing-Driver.aspx as there is much more surface area for the driver to engage than there would be with conventional design bushings and bushing driver, insuring that the bushings are installed with zero chance of damage to either the bushings or the frame.

    To SIG or not to SIG

    High quality products as with every other bushing set from Chalis. I suspect the counter bore for the grip screws on my wood factory grips on my SIG RCS pistol are just to deep for the screws to tighten down. Zero problems with all my other 1911 type pistols.


    Great Product with a Custom order, These Bushings Saved My Firearm

    I bought these bushings with the intent of replacing the original bushings in a Ruger Commander LW, of which 2 bushings had shook loose and marred some of the threads. The said 1911 has an aluminum alloy frame and is more susceptible fail versus a steel frame.

    The tricky part about my situation is that had these bushings not worked out, I would have lost the threads for the grips, and my firearm would have been a huge loss since the frame is the serialized part.

    I should have measured the stock Ruger bushings to ensure that these would fit, but I assumed since they were titled "Extra Slim Bushings" that they would work with the slim grip 1911. They ran too deep in the frame on the left hand side of the frame so I had to salvage 2 of my original bushings to put back in on the left hand side and put the new Challis bushings in on the right hand side.

    The left hand side of my frame measures ~.090 and the right hand side measures ~.125. the original bushings threads run right down to .090 all around. These Challis bushings threads seem to run .100 - .095 down into the frame, poking out into the magazine well just enough to catch your fingernail, hence why I had to jump them over to the thicker side of the frame, and run my original bushings in the left side. That was, until I got a Call from Brian Challis about my dilemma, and he offered to take the bushings back, and do a custom cut to get them thin enough for my frames left side.

    I cant speak for the recess for the screws shoulders, but the stock outside depth of these original grips are .170 at the top screw hole and .180 at the bottom screw hole. The stock Ruger grips also take a proprietary double shoulder screw that makes it so I couldn't use one of Challis finer products, I ordered some original screws from Ruger (Brian Challis later called me about doing a custom order for screws to get away from the stock allen head screws, I took him up on his offer). These extra slim bushings say they're good for grips as thin as .156, and they don't seem to interfere with getting the grip down to the frame so I'd say that's accurate.

    The Bushing heads were exactly what I hoped they'd be and I had no problems driving these bushings in. The stock Ruger bushings were slotted and just painful to deal with.

    The final result of these custom order bushings was everything I had hoped for. I was unable to use Challis O-rings with these grips, but with the custom order screws I ordered from Challis, everything seems to lock down securely.

    After the great Customer Service I received from Challis I can assure you, I am definitely doing business with them again.

    Albuquerque, NM

    Top Marks in all categories!

    I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and expeditious manner in which my order was fulfilled. Can't ask for better.

    One note, they aren't kidding when they describe the "extra-thin" bushings as extra-thin. Please note the recommended grip thickness with which these bushings should be used, and take extra care when tightening the screws if you are using the supplied "O" rings.