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  • Easy to install and remove
  • Prevents loose grip screws
  • Secure grip mounting for improved performance
  • Be sure to use bushing O-rings shown at the right
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    These bushings are easy to install and remove. Loctite is not necessary for installation if they are torqued to the proper spec (27 in-lbs max for steel frames & 18 in-lbs max for aluminum). This full size bushing will work with grips not less than 0.245" thick.

    We strongly recommend O-rings because of the benefits they provide, such as preventing stripped threads, eliminating loose grip screws, scuffed frames and providing the most secure mounting available for the 1911. You can feel the difference.

    Overall Customer Rating of 78 Reviews:

    Hex grip bushings- steel, black

    Not only did they fit as promised, but the hex design allowed them to be installed without any marring. It looks very professional. I’m very happy. Donny

    Central PA

    Retired Deputy

    I own several 1911s. These are must for anyone planning on changing grips and on every one I own. You’ll never have another stripped bushing again and you’ll no the exact torque specs to install; which is imperative on aluminum frames.


    A Game Changer!

    Challis bushings are a welcomed improvement - a game changer - for 1911 aficionados. I’d like to think that JMB would enthusiastically highly approve.

    St Louis MO

    Loved 'em

    I'll take a socket/driver over a screwdriver any day of the week. A breeze to install, old eyes not withstanding.

    Grip screw bushings are great, just long enough so they don’t protrude into the magazine well and combined with their screws make a nice combo. Using their bushing driver worked great.