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Easy to install and remove

Prevents loose grip screws

Secure grip mounting for improved performance

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    These bushings are easy to install and remove. Loctite is not necessary for installation if they are torqued to the proper spec (27 in-lbs max for steel frames & 18 in-lbs max for aluminum). This full size bushing will work with grips not less than 0.245" thick.

    We strongly recommend O-rings because of the benefits they provide, such as preventing stripped threads, eliminating loose grip screws, scuffed frames and providing the most secure mounting available for the 1911. You can feel the difference.

    Overall Customer Rating of 47 Reviews:
    Stowe, Pa

    Great product, much improvement over the original screws , recommend to everyone !

    Hex Grip Bushings

    No matter how carful I am, I usually mess up the standard grip bushings upon removal. Not anymore! Also, when I added the bushing and grip screw o-rings, I no longer have a loose grip.

    Very pleased with these products.


    Hex Drive Bushing Black

    Great upgrade to my Wilson Combat Pistols. Along with the bushing o ring it keeps the grips solidly in place. Hex Drive Bushing makes it easy to remove if necessary. Highly recommend the Hex Drive Bushing along with o ring.



    ingenious as an allen bolt


    Awesome Product and Customer Service

    I called into Challis grips and worked directly with Brian. He was great and answered all my questions. The parts were all simple to install and the directions very clear. I wish more companies offered this kind of customer service/support.