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Why you should use Challis Hex Drive Bushings

These patent-pending bushings, first offered in the fall of 2014 have become widely accepted as the finest bushings available. The hex head design, coupled with an innovative use of O-rings make Challis Hex Drive Bushings the most secure and stable grip mounting available. Boost your 1911 into the twenty-first century for a modest price and a few minutes of your time.

Check out the video demonstrating the use of the Challis Bushing Extractor, used to remove slotted bushings, and another video demonstrating the installation of Challis Hex Drive Bushings.

Why the Hex Drive?

  • EASY.  The bushings can be installed quickly. Just slip one into the socket of a 7/32” nut driver and turn it into place.
  • ACCURATE.  Since the socket holds the bushing in proper alignment, it is easy to accurately engage the threads. There is no need to start the bushing by hand and then finish the job with a driver.
  • STRONG.  Unlike conventional bushings with a screwdriver slot, the hex head is strong enough to drive the bushing firmly into place without the risk of raising a burr or otherwise deforming the top of the bushing.
  • STABLE.  Sufficient torque can be applied to properly seat the bushing and thereby minimize retraction under the shock of discharge. This is especially valuable with grips made of G10, aluminum and other heavy materials.
  • REMOVABLE.  The bushing can be easily removed with a 7/32” nut driver or socket.  No special removal tools, no easy-outs and no trashed bushings or damaged frames.
  • REUSABLE.  If needed, the bushings can be removed for refinishing the frame and reinstalled, eliminating the need to purchase replacement bushings.

Stainless Steel Bushing with O-Ring

Why use bushing O-rings?

O-rings protect fragile grips, minimize scuffing, and prevent loose bushings and screws. O-rings are optional. Without them, Challis Hex Drive Bushings will perform like conventional bushings, but there are several benefits to using them.

  • The bushing O-ring is simply slipped around the bushing and retained by the groove. As the grip screws are tightened, the O-ring is forced down a conical seat and outward against the counterbore. When the grip is fully seated, the compressed O-ring isolates the grip from the bushing with a rubber cushion that prevents contact between the bushing and the grip when the gun is discharged.
  • Cushioning shock to the bushing minimizes loosening of both the bushings and  the grip screws.
  • Fragile and expensive grips of ivory, mammoth ivory and mammoth tooth are protected from potentially damaging impact with the bushings when shooting.
  • The use of O-rings with abrasive grip materials such as G10 and carbon fiber will minimize scuffing of the frame caused by the repeated sliding motion between grip and frame during discharge.
  • With the grips held firmly in place, the feel and performance of the gun is enhanced.
  • The bushing O-rings supplied by Challis Grips are a special size manufactured specifically for use with Challis Hex Drive Bushings.

Why use custom grip screw O-rings?

  • Further isolation and attenuation of shock can be achieved by the use of a special O-ring fitted to the grip screw. As the screw is tightened, the O-ring is forced downward and outward, imposing itself between the hexagonal flats of the bushing and the bore through the grip, providing additional cushioning between the grip and bushing.
  • With conventional bushings, there is insufficient space between the bushing and the bore to allow entry of a compressed O-ring, and the slot in the top of the bushing tends to quickly damage the O-ring.
  • Grip screws frequently loosen when shooting with G10 and other rigid and heavy grips. In these conditions, O-rings provide a high friction seat for the screw which minimizes loosening. The Challis Hex Drive Bushings are designed to enhance the performance of O-rings used for preventing screw extraction from discharge forces.
  • The grip screw O-rings supplied by Challis Grips are a special size manufactured specifically for use with grip screws. They will not prevent the grip screws from fully seating unlike the #60 O-rings commonly used in the past.

Challis Hex Drive Bushings and o-rings...intuitively superior

Customer Testimonials
"Challis Bushings with O-rings yield a perfect fit. Brian is clearly more than a grip-maker."
- 1911 Forum.
"I absolutely love those HexHead bushings as I have put over 100 rounds through each pistol with the new grips and none of the screws loosened. Every 1911, regardless of brand or price point should have these installed at the factory. Thanks again for making these awesome products for best pistol platform ever! "
- David D.
"These o-rings are an instant improvement! The advantage of the grip texture is now a benefit, not an illusive promise."
- From a review.