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Are the Hex Drive Bushings a special size? Our full size bushings are the same size as a standard 1911 grip bushing. Our slim bushing stands 0.112” above the frame, which is higher than other slim bushings, but an excellent size for most slim grips. Our slim bushings are for use with grips not less than 0.185” thick. The most common slim grips are about 0.190” thick. Our extra slim bushings are for grips between 0.156" (5/32") and 0.190" (~3/16") thick

Will the Hex Drive Bushings work with my gun? If you have a 1911 made in the United States, our bushings will fit your gun. They have a standard 0.236-60 external thread. Our repair bushings (oversize) have a 0.255-60 external thread. All our bushings can be used with grip screws having the standard 1911 threads: 0.150-50.

Do I need special sized holes or counterbores in my grips to use Hex Drive Bushings? No. They are the same diameter as standard 1911 bushings. Occasionally we have found a grip-maker that uses non-standard counterbores that are not compatible with our bushing O-rings, but this is rare.

Do I need to use O-rings with Hex Drive Bushings? No. Without O-rings they will perform the same as standard 1911 grip bushings. However, there are several benefits to using both O-rings. (1) They prevent abrasive grips from scuffing the frame by shifting during discharge. (2) They prevent grip screws from loosening. (3) They provide an overall tighter grip mounting for optimal performance. (4) The Hex Drive feature is helpful when installing and removing the bushings…the O-rings are helpful every time you fire your gun.

Will the Challis O-rings work with standard 1911 grip bushings? The grip screw O-rings will work with any 1911 grip screw. Challis bushing O-rings are for use only with Challis Hex Drive Bushings. They are not compatible with standard 1911 grip bushings.

How are the Challis Grip Screw O-rings different than the #60 O-rings that have long been used to prevent loose screws? They perform the same, but are much smaller and will not cause the grip screws to stand proud of the grip like #60 O-rings do.

Are special tools required to install or remove Hex Drive Bushings? No. they can be driven by a standard 7/32” nut driver. They can be also be driven with a socket wrench, but great care should be used to avoid excessive torque, which can strip the threads in the frame. We sell two tools for use with our bushings: One is a simple nut driver. The other is a torque limiting nut driver that will install the bushings in a steel or aluminum frame with the proper amount of torque.

How much torque should be used to install Hex Drive Bushings? We recommend 18 in-lbs torque when installing our bushings in a steel and aluminum frames.

Should Loctite be used when installing Hex Drive Bushings? If our bushings are installed with the proper torque and used with the bushing O-rings they do not require Loctite. If you feel the need to use Loctite, we recommend blue.

How is your Frame Repair Tap (oversize) different than other taps? It saves a step and assures the proper size of hole. It will cut the same size threads as similar taps, but it has a special grind on the end that reams the hole to the proper size prior to cutting the threads. There is no need to use a drill to size the hole before tapping. As with any tap, a guide should be used to hold it perpendicular to the frame.

When should I use Repair (oversize) Hex Drive Bushings? These bushings have a larger external thread and are used to repair a stripped frame. The proper tap is required to cut the oversize threads. Our Oversize Tap is an excellent tool with our special reamer grind that sizes the hole before cutting the threads.

What is different about the Challis Bushing Extractors? Our extractors are firmly attached to the bushing with a grip screw prior to removing the bushing. They will remove most bushings even if staked or installed with Loctite. ait is a patented design.

Will the Challis Slim Bushing Extractor remove all slim bushings? It will remove most slim bushings, but if the bushing is less than 0.060” (~1/16”) above the frame, it will not remove them. They will not remove VZ Grips® universal bushings which have a non standard slot size. We can modify the extractor to accommodate shorter bushings. Please phone if you need a modified extractor.

Will the Challis Bushing Extractors remove all slotted bushings? There are some bushings that have a narrower slot than a standard 1911 grip bushing. If the slot is narrower than 0.045”, our extractors will not work. The slim extractor should be used to remove bushings less than standard height (~0.170” above the frame). Bushings less than 0.060” (~1/16”) cannot be removed with our slim extractor, however we can modify the extractor to accommodate shorter bushings. Please phone if you need a modified extractor.

Why is the Slim Hex Drive Bushing so much taller than the common slim bushing? One reason is that it has to be taller in order to have a sufficient hex to transfer the installation/removal torque. The fact is that most slim bushings are too short to properly support the mounted grips. This is because the typical counterbore on the bottom of the grip is about 1/16” deep and the typical slim bushing is about 1/16” tall. This leaves little or no overlap to resist side loads applied to the grips during discharge. If the bushing doesn’t extend a material distance into the through bore, the grip screws have to carry the load; something they were never intended to do. Unless a grip is less than about 0.185” thick, our Slim Hex Drive Bushings are far superior to a standard slim bushing. The most common slim grips are about 0.190” thick.

Is it necessary to remove staking or heat Loctite in order to remove standard 1911 bushings? The Challis Bushing Extractor will remove most bushings that have been staked or installed with Loctite. In some cases a bushing will need to be heated to soften the Loctite in order to remove it. Caution should be used when removing staked bushings from an aluminum frame as the threads in the frame can be damaged...if you are unsure, it is safest to seek help from a pistolsmith familiar with 1911s.

How many O-rings should I buy? We suggest you purchase a set of 8 bushing O-rings for every set of four bushings. If you remove your grips often, it is a good idea to buy 24 grip screw O-rings because they do their job by getting smashed and will therefore wear out after several uses.

How much torque do you recommend for grip screws? When using the Challis Hex Drive Bushing system with both O-rings, we suggest the grip screws be installed with 5 in/lbs of torque for wood grips. Higher torque may cause the wood to crush over time. Up to 10 in/lbs can be used for hard materials, but with any material 5 in/lbs is sufficient to hold the grips tight and prevent grip screws from loosening. More torque is detrimental.

When should I use Extra Slim Bushings? Extra Slim Bushings should be used for grips that are less than 0.185" thick. They are not suitable for grips that are less than 0.156" (5/32") thick