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What others are saying about Challis Grips, Bushings, O-Rings, and Extractors...

"Finally if anyone is sitting on the fence considering a purchase of the Challis extractor I highly recommend put your order in now. If you have spent your hard earned dollars on high end Challis grips and are still using the standard bushings buy Challis bushings, O-rings and extractor today. I feel confident the investment in what I call the “Challis Bushing Solution” to be essential in protecting my grips for the future. Thanks so much for a well thought out product and execution."
- R. Davis Jr, Facebook
"Brian Challis came up with what I think is a revolutionary change for the 1911. When I saw these bushings, I had one of those “now why didn’t I think of that” moments. He has created a “hex bushing”. This bushing is made without the standard slot that has been in use for over 100 years. Installing his bushing is accomplished with a 7/32” nut driver, socket or wrench. Thanks for being there."
- M. Gath, Email 
"I nearly stripped the aluminum framed bushing hole threads on my Dan Wesson CCO once, in an attempt to change bushings to a "slim" model. It scared the daylights out of me... 
I tried the Challis bushing removal tool, and WOW...the bushings came out with just minimal finger pressure on the tool! 

I installed the Challis bushings......and can install whatever grips i want: WITH EASE!

Challis literally changed the way I feel about the 1911 pistol!!"
- Tikrit Tourist, 1911forum.com

"Got mine today. I'm going back for more. Try them, you won't be able to stop with just one set. Craftsmen are a dying breed. Live forever Brian!" 
- J. Corlew, Facebook 
"There is no way you could be disappointed in them. Every line on them is perfect. I honestly think he could stabilize marshmallows and make stunning grips from them. A true artist in every respect." 
- Bnaples 1911addicts.com
"My Challis Grips are simply flawless. Brian is a wonderful businessman, a master craftsman and, above all, an artist."
- W. Bennett, Facebook    

I've spoken about how great the Challis bushing removal tool is, but wanted to also speak about the great hex head bushings as they interface with both the grip frame and the grips.

In the past, my VZ grips required an O-ring, in order to prevent them from working loose during firing. That is fine, except I found that the grip screw head didn't always sit flush or countersunk within the face of the grip. So...perhaps a tiny bit of purple loctite to hold them in....not my ideal method of securing grip screws.

With the Challis system of using an O-ring between the bushing and the back of the grip, along with an O-ring under the grip screw head, I had ZERO instances of the grip screws backing out during firing. Seems like the O-ring that sits between the bushing and back of grip acts as a bit of a shock absorber? Making the grips (especially grips with no "give" to them, such as G10) more stable under firing, less prone to moving about, and probably making recoil less "stingy" in the hand.

If it sounds like I am going overboard in my praise of the Challis bushing system, please forgive me. It is simply because I was soured on the 1911 bushing system in the past, as I never could get my grip setup the way I wanted it.......with mixing and matching "slim" grips with slim grip screws and bushings, or grip screws working loose under firing, etc....

I have both standard and slim Challis bushings on hand, and standard and slim VZ grips, and with the super easy removal of the Challis hex drive bushings.....I can play around all I want, to see which grips suit me best. (or just change them out on occasion)

That's my story....what's yours?