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Perfect torque range:

Variable torque of 5-18in-lbs, the perfect torque range for Challis screws-bushings

1/4" hex socket on main tool will accept a huge range of bits

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    This is a high quality driver with the ideal range of torque suggested for grip screws on the low end and grip bushings on the high end. It is expensive, and is not recommend for most 1911 owners, but may be suitable for those who like the perfect tool for the job. It comes with a properly sized flat bit for grip screws (not shown in photo) and a 7/32" socket for Challis grip bushings. The 1/4" hex socket in the main tool along with a 1/4" hex to 1/4" square adapter makes it extremely versatile.    I'm offering it to see if there is interest. If so, I will keep it in the catalog.