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  • When used with our Hex Drive Bushings they prevent loose grip bushings and grip screws
  • Provide most secure grip mounting available
  • Best when used together with our Grip Screw O-rings
  • Always use these with your Challis bushings
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    ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH CHALLIS BUSHINGS. These O-rings go around the Hex Drive Bushings and work together with the Grip Screw O-rings to give the best possible mounting for your grips. The system prevents the grips from shifting during discharge. Very effective for preventing bushings and grip screws from loosening.

    By design, 1911 grips have holes that are larger than the bushings to allow for manufacturing tolerance. When grip screws are installed everything tightens up. Or does it? During recoil the oversize holes allow the grips to shift slightly on the frame, the very place you grasp the weapon…a place where you don’t want anything to shift. These O-rings eliminate the slop in the system and provide the most secure mounting available. Grip screw O-rings further increase the stability of the system and prevent loose screws.